Why do some freelancers land clients the first time and others have to pitch 100 times before they hear something?

It's because those freelance writers know what to say to attract the right clients.

I'm not going to lie, but it took me a few years to get the right script in my LinkedIn messages or on Twitter to get views and finally, offers for writing.

I don't want you to struggle for years.

That's why I created this Attract Client Bundle for you.

Hi! I'm Elna

I started freelance writing in 2014 and over the years have worked with wonderful clients including Zapier, GoDaddy, Walmart, Wordtune and Smartblogger.

On top of that I've also helped thousands of writers become successful freelance writers.

What's Included

The Client Attract Bundle comes with 3 PDF guides: What to Say to Clients, Twitter Client Attractor and LinkedIn Client Attractor.

What to Say to Clients

This guide will save you time by providing pre-written email scripts that can are customizable.

You'll build stronger relationships with your clients through clear and effective communication, which will help you make more money – and, who doesn't like that?

After using these scripts you'll gain more new clients and repeat business, helping you turn this into a full-time business.

So, gain valuable insights from me, an experienced freelance writer who has helped thousands of students become profitable writers without experience.


  • email scripts for various client interactions, such as following up on leads and reminding clients to invoice you
  • Provides tips and strategies for successful client communication
  • Easy jump link navigation

Twitter Client Attractor

Learn how to get noticed on Twitter, engage with your audience, share metrics, and ask for tips and advice as a way to attract the right clients.

You'll get scripts for creating engaging tweets, building relationships with followers, and promoting your brand on Twitter.

LinkedIn Client Attractor

Attract more potential clients to your business by standing out on LinkedIn.

With this guide you'll save time and effort by using these pre-written prompts you can customize to fit your brand and voice.

Learn how to write engaging and effective LinkedIn posts that will resonate with your target audience, and establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry by sharing insights, predictions, and personal achievements.

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